The Anexe

Brand Design

The Anexe

The Anexe is a purpose built, boutique recording studio located in the heart of Exeter. Conceived, carved out of the ground – quite literally – and set up by Lindsey and Steve Troughton, the studio is a real labour of love.

The studio is ultra modern and slick yet it possesses a cosy, laidback vibe – as the Troughtons say ‘a modern heart with a vintage soul’. They wanted a visual identity to reflect this unique style.

Inspired by an existing neon sign within the studio, we created an identity that introduces a retro feel to the hi-tech world of recording.

We created custom logotype based on a geometric slab serif typeface. While slab serifs traditionally bring to mind the Old American West and Americana, we used a slab serif based on neo-grotesk and geometric models so the identity takes on a more contemporary and modern feel. Unusually angular serifs add a bit of playfulness to the otherwise sturdy slab serifs, whilst the stencil effect references neon signs.

A rich green was selected for both its high visibility and its connotations of freshness and warmth. The green was paired with warm grey, designed to emphasise the green and make it stand out.