BDS Solutions

Brand & Website Design

BDS Solutions

BDS Solutions approached us looking for a contemporary re-brand and a new, responsive website which would represent its core values and enable the company to strengthen its position in the market.

BDS Solutions is a leading IT partner for health and care organisations throughout the UK. The company’s original brand was perceived to be outdated and did not communicate the company’s strong pedigree and reputation.

In response to the brief, we created a circular, rope-like logomark to symbolise unity, strength and trust. The logomark is also based on the Mobius strip – one surface which looks like two – to reflect the idea of BDS as a trusted partner. We combined the logomark with a modern, digital logotype.

The website was designed with ease of use in mind so navigation is simple and intuitive. Testimonials and case studies are highly visible across the site, helping BDS to communicate the value they provide. User interaction is encouraged via the ‘call back’ features and social media sharing facilities.